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Why work with Advanced Property Managament?


Advanced Management Enterprises, Inc., dba Advanced Property Management (APM), is a privately held property and asset management company with offices in Pleasant Hill and Davis, California.

The firm was founded in 1986 to provide management services to owners associations. We have been successful in building long‐term association relationships for more than 30 years. Many of our associations have been clients for 15+ years and one for 31 years (our first client). Our association references will testify to our strength in building mutually beneficial, long‐term relationships with the Boards and Homeowners of the Associations we manage based on performance…doing our job well.


The professional staff at APM is knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate management. The principals and managers of the company are Jay Spangenberg, Bob Breitenstein, Marco Babich, Johnathan Kaufman and Chris Waage and they have more than 100 years of combined experience in property management, banking/finance, accounting, asset management, owners’ association management, construction services, technology, marketing, government relations and more.

The principals and managers are uniquely qualified based on their past professional experience and each is a Certified Community Association Manager (by the California Association of Community Managers ‐ CACM). Mr. Spangenberg was the Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT). Mr. Breitenstein was the Chief Executive Officer of a $20,000,000 California corporation and has decades of experience in facility and contract management. Mr. Babich was the General Manager of a real estate asset management company with over 500,000 square feet of commercial properties throughout California and has a Certified Property Manager designation with the Institute of Real Estate Management. Johnathan Kaufman has 10+ years of experience with project management, division management, portfolio marketing/branding, regulatory compliance, conflict resolution, and customer service. Chris Waage has 10+ years of experience in project management, government administration, program development, business operations and logistics. Through their years of collective experience in banking and corporation management, the principals understand their fiscal fiduciary responsibility as property managers. As seasoned professionals, the management team delivers a high level of personalized service and consultation to its clients.


The Board of Directors of an Association has the responsibility for maintaining both the physical and financial aspects of the Association. In good faith, property owners pay assessments to cover association expenses. Strong proactive Association management understands the weighty responsibility a volunteer Board of Directors carries and strives to give the guidance to maintain a thriving community. Additionally, a proactive management constantly looks for ways to take an additional step toward benefiting the association in cost savings, value growth, and financial security.

A management company must be responsible and accountable to the association’s Board of Directors, and ultimately, the members of the Association. All elements of the management of the Association are reviewed and approved by the Board. We know a Boards time is valuable. APM does the legwork for the Board by gathering and preparing facts and information, and formulating options so the Board can make decisions quickly and efficiently. APM operates only on this basis.

We are proactive, not reactive. We personally work very hard to care for our clients’ interests. The principals and managers at APM have extensive experience in the operation of associations. We are solutions oriented, often identifying potential concerns and finding solutions to problems before they have a chance to impact the community.

We understand that a beautifully maintained project and a solid financial statement are unspoken testimonies to the residents of the community that the Board of Directors is exercising strong leadership, as such we maintain the following proactive objectives


We are proud to have the highest standards of practice along with an operational model that makes those standards possible. Our advantage can be captured in the simple statement, “we are a Full Service company devoted to your success”. We do not hold back from doing what we can to make your community exceptional. This is how we do it:
Direct community involvement of our organizations principals brings the weight of decades of experience to each community. Our Boards are empowered to act with confidence feeling the support of, not only our CCAM certified Managers, but the founders and forerunners of the organization.
In an emergency you do not want to reach a nameless call center receptionist to be told, “Your property manager will return your call within 24 hours.” You want to know that you can depend on the individuals who have the resources to help. At APM, each community has a dedicated support team made up of an Owner Liaison, a CCAM certified Property Manager, and an APM Principal. We are the names you know and people who are invested in your community. At least one of the team is always available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone and often available to be on‐site within minutes. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, and if necessary, have the expertise to assist with emergency repairs.

The community‐dedicated team brings a number of additional benefits. It allows us to see ourselves as part of the community and in turn, gain a deeper understanding of the association’s needs, physical assets, governing documents, and individual leaders. We view the ongoing care and maintenance of your community with a hands‐on approach, thinking of it with the care and respect we give our own homes. We expect to be a part of the community for years to come and we treat both the property and the people with the respect and care that create a lasting relationship. We are your team and we are not alone…

APM supports each of our community‐dedicated teams with various additional teams including the accounting, communication, and special project groups. These groups bring specialized professional support to every community. Let’s talk about each of these amazing support teams individually…
The APM Accounting team is supervised by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with more than 2 decades experience in property management accounting. Together with our experienced Principals, they have set a new standard by delivering financial reporting that is amazing for the simple fact that it is perfectly understandable. Beyond their ability to make all of us better at doing our job, they ensure financial accountability and security with checks and balances that include a payment Lockbox. Lockbox services allow HOAs to securely process payments through their bank, ensuring monitored and responsible access to Association funds.
An essential aspect of community association management is effective communication with the membership. The Board of Directors may not be acquainted with all those who comprise the membership of the Association. Therefore, the Board’s effective use of communication helps to create and maintain a unified community spirit and keep the members informed about important issues. This is where our communication team makes each of us shine.

  • Letters, calls and emails are always respectful, informative, and educational.
  • Regular newsletters educate the community to their role and responsibilities while highlighting the ongoing success of Board directed projects throughout the community
  • A maintained community website, provided by APM, facilitates extensive electronic communication, provides owner and board portals, and provides association members with up to date information on community projects.
An association’s dedicated team manages many small projects in the community, but when a project gets complex and requires additional professional support we are able to call upon the special projects team. This team brings the extra support needed to see that each project reaches a successful completion. From sourcing competitive bids to managing contract vendors, this team works tirelessly to ensure that projects are carried out to the highest quality standards. Project examples include community wide painting, landscape renovation, and many other community wide improvements and maintenance efforts.

What our clients say…

“Advanced Property Management is by far the most professional, courteous and knowledgeable team with a work ethic beyond what is expected of a management company: they truly care… I want to thank Jay Spangenberg and the APM team for providing professional guidance, tireless support, and quality of service.”

– Robert Abbott | President, Cresthill HOA

“Advanced Property Management has served our community for more than 26 years as an effective property management company and as a partner of the HOA Board of Directors… And it’s APM’s creative vision that has contributed significantly to enhancing our community, thereby ensuring its collective and individual property values for today and tomorrow.”

– Deborah Nordstrom | Secretary, Hidden Lakes Duets Home Association

No matter what comes their way, the APM team is professional, polite, positive (wow!) helpful, and oh so responsive… Having been with Skywest for the past 16 years, I can with confidence tell you that the APM team is the best I have worked with. I am always confident they will take care of things and I’m always pleased to have them represent my needs.

-Stephanie S. | Homeowner, Skywest Homeowners Association





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